Series: Women in Business Ep. 1


Women in Business Ep. 1

Welcome to our new blog series, 'Women in Business' where we chat with a range of creatives all working hard for something they love. 


A place to talk about the challenges.
Where and how they started.
The process they've taken and tips they recommend.
Why socially conscious brands are doing good things.
The hacks for productivity and mental health.
The struggles and rawness of business.
And the advice for us all.


Welcome to Episode #1 where we interview local 27 year old mumma, Juanita Madsen, the Founder of newly launched label 'Just Beachy'. A collection of handmade hooded towels and surfboard bags using only recycled materials. 




1.     How was your business born?

It was so organic! I actually just offered to make some friends their board bags and they loved them so much they told me I could make a business out of it! So I figured hey, why not, may as well give it a go and then I just started thinking about what else I could do! 

2.     Walk us through the process you went through to take Just Beachy from an idea to where it is today.

I don’t even know where to start, It honestly just kind of happened! As I said before, just made my friends some board bags, then I came to you, Steph and asked if you’d be keen to stock my stuff and here we are. Hooded towels, board bags and my head just keeps on ticking with more ideas! 


3.     Where do you find inspiration for your brand?

Inspiration mainly just comes from my lifestyle/my husband and Bub. The first board bag I ever made was for him because he needed one, same with the hooded towel. It was actually a birthday present for him a few years ago! He told me I wasn’t allowed to spend any money on him so I made him a hooded towel out of some of my parents old towels! All my other ideas are really just inspired by my bubba or friends and fam! Or just something I want/need myself.



4.     We love that you focus on creating an ethical brand, can you tell us more about why keeping your brand ethical is important for you?

My main push behind wanting to keep my brand ethical is my little girl. It makes me so sad knowing how much our world is hurting and how little we are doing about! If there is any little thing I can do I will! So repurposing all my materials seems like a no brainer to me. Making sure there is still a world for my little girl to live in. 


5.     Explain in a few words the positive impact your business creates.

To encourage people to buy second hand, repurposed or ethically made goods. Quality is always better than quantity and to do the research behind a brand before purchasing something!


6.     What challenges have you overcome in creating your brand?

All the finer details. Figuring out how I’m going to make everything, what I’m going to do once I’ve bought out all of the quality second hand materials, what people actually like/want, how to get my name out there and how I want people to view my brand. Still working and overcoming some of those also! Really just got my fingers and toes crossed that people love the idea as much as me! 



7.     How do you balance life, work and business? Do you have a specific routine that motivates you to stay balanced and productive?

Oh man, I can barely say I balance it all to be honest! I’m super lucky however and have a family who is super supportive and encouraging and very helpful! My mother in law has been looking after my little girl while I sew & I got my sister out hunting for materials for me from there home towns and bringing them to me when they visit. Pretty easy to stay motivated when I’ve got a little girl to support and show her I’m willing to do whatever it takes for her! I also love what I do. 


8. What is one piece of advice you’d like to leave with our readers?

Be passionate about what you're doing!! Honestly, not too sure what else I could say. Be so passionate that no matter what people say, you believe in yourself and what you’re doing and run with it! Put your all in to it and give it a real go! 


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