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  • Sustainability

    As a brand that is so deeply passionate about the difference we can make, it's our responsibility to design our collections and operate Saltysea sustainably.  We believe human rights should be respected and all working conditions better than adequate. We believe in environmental sustainability an... View Post
  • People

    The sum of everything we do. View Post
  • Movement

    On a mission to influence people all over the world to live a life their proud of.  There is nothing more exciting than seeing all the places Saltysea has travelled on the bodies of you beautiful humans. #saltyseaandme     Our goal is to empower our community and make a real positive impact.  View Post
  • Quality

    We can have both, beautiful clothing and a better environment. Staying true to our brands ethics and values, Saltysea takes a minimalistic approach to the colours and styles in every collection keeping our products in balance with the world and produced with the best intentions. Here you will see... View Post
  • About Us

    I'm glad you found us, welcome to Saltysea We're a brand soaked in collaboration and community.We pride ourselves on creating socially conscious and ethically made collections designed for the modern multi-tasked human who respects sustainability and the positive impact we can have on the ... View Post


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