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Hi everyone! Thank you so much for taking the time to read our first blog entry! Starting a blog is quite a new thing for me, so bare with me as I pour my heart out for you all to read! My names Stephanie Saxton, I'm a 24 years old Canadian-Kiwi and I'm the Founder and Designer of my baby, Saltysea. 

It all began when I was a young girl with an adventurous spirit and a passion to dive into the unknown ~ I've forever had a passion to create something of my own, and up until last year I had no idea what that passion was going to be, or turn in to.  

I was born and raised just outside Vancouver, Canada and I grew up with an active lifestyle, taking on nearly every sport I could with parents that both pushed me to succeed ~ screaming on the side lines, and a dad that jumped in when the ref didn't show up, teaching me never to give up ~ no matter what!

Even though growing up, it seemed like it was the natural course to complete schooling, get a degree, create a family and so on.. and for some that was ~ but for me it wasn't! I never believed I should get a degree in something I didn't believe in - yet.

In December 2012 I was introduced to a gorgeous Kiwi boy, Buddy Harwood and we fell in young love, spent seven of the seven days that Bud was in British Columbia together and following his departure I booked a one way ticket to come see him back in New Zealand. I've always believed in looking at what could go right, over what could go wrong so I packed up everything and came to New Zealand on a working holiday visa!

Six years later, here we are! Buddy and I built our first house together last year ~ flew my precious golden labrador Trooper from Canada to NZ and found my passion ~ to create Saltysea. 

As little girl, I’d always been passionate to create something of my own, something I was proud of, and something I could use as a vehicle to give back and do something positive in the world. I've always had a love for comfortable clothing, and having an active lifestyle, I found myself wearing active wear 90% of the time! It was this time last year I was torn between doing my Yoga Teacher Training in Bali, or diving into the unknown and creating Saltysea.

Saltysea it was. 

I flew over to Bali and met with the manufactures I had been researching and skyping with months prior ~ I worked with their amazing team in bringing my designs to life - sampling them while I was in Bali so that I could make the changes right then and there. It was so important for me to get to know them, and create a great relationship. 

I've never went to school to study fashion, I honestly never thought looking back that I'd be in this industry ~ it was fuelled purely with a passion to create comfortable, pieces that truly honoured a womans natural body and curves ~ pieces I personally wanted in my life, to wear every single day! So that's how it began..

Seven months into officially launching my baby, Saltysea ~ we landed ourselves in New Zealand Fashion Week 2018 from August 26th to September 2nd! It was a DREAM come true, and my message to all of you reading this is to never give up ~ sometimes following your passion can be scary, but you will never see the results if you give up now ~ and it is so worth every bit of work to get to where you want to be, to create the brand, to make an impact, to stand up for what you believe in ~ what ever it may be. Don't give up on that dream. 

Saltysea is hugely inspired by a life of adventure and a love for the ocean ~ from our colour palettes through to our designs themselves ~ I believe we should feel empowered by what we choose to wear and who we choose to support in the process. 

A goal from day one was to create a community around Saltysea, a place people can feel appreciated and inspired and that's been my goal with everything we do ~ for people to feel a positive impact when they wear their Saltysea pieces to when they come across our social media platforms and website.

One of the most important parts in bringing Saltysea to life is following our ethos and staying true to our values ~ impacting not only you but our manufacturing team as well as our planet! Every decision we make from sourcing to creating ~ we think about the impact we have on those around us as well as our planet. Saltysea is ethically made using as many locally sourced, and sustainable materials that we can ~ choosing to leave a positive ethical and environmental footprint on the world and make a step in what we feel is the right direction in the fashion industry. 

Thank you for plugging into our first blog entry ~ I hope you learnt something new about us, and most of all I hope you feel encouraged and inspired to continue, or to begin what you've been dreaming of too. Please comment below, or send us a message and ask us questions, or simply tell us about you and your dreams. We'd love to hear!

You can read more about us on our about page here!

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