You Are Worthy

2020 - do I dare say, what a year it's been already? 

I shared a post this week on my personal Instagram page (@stephaniemsaxton) as I had an increase of messages about Saltysea, how I started my business and all about opening our first Flagship store in Waihi Beach, people were curious about upcoming plans for the store and brand. 

It sparked some thought in me and I felt pulled to dive into the topic of believing you are worthy. Every accomplishment starts with believing that you are worthy of creating a life you love. I believe this with all of my being.

I see this one point stop a lot of people in their tracks - especially right now with the world in a place of complete unknown. How do you believe you are worthy of the things you want in your life?

It's what you tell yourself, it's what you’re feeding your subconscious every single day. 
What you say to yourself matters, what you say in front of other people about yourself matters.

What you are feeding your brain is what you’re going to attract into your life. If you’re telling yourself that you’re not worthy of your dreams, dream home, relationship, job, business, friendships then you won’t be. The universe/source/ whatever you personally call it - will find a way to manifest the exact things you're feeding your subconscious and that’s what will become your reality.

Creating Saltysea and opening our first flagship store, working on scaling the businesses, ALL of this stems from KNOWING and feeling that I am worthy of the things I want. Worthy of creating businesses, and growing them.. attracting amazing people into my life and going into business with a best friend, creating mega success and making a good income. Because I know I’m worthy of living a life that makes me SO damn happy and fulfilled. A life where there is no guilt about spending a Monday on the water, working my butt off until 3:00am, going on epic adventures with my rooftop tent around New Zealand.

Yes you have to work bloody hard, and hell it ain’t always easy - I often feel stuck too, but I ALWAYS go back to this exact point. 

• What am I feeding my subconscious
• What am I saying about myself, to myself
• How do I talk about myself to the people around me
• What story around money do I believe to be true

Always believe you are worthy, start by noticing what you're feeding your subconscious.  

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