Georgia Mcneil: Photographer Working Toward Her Own Rules

Bersama Kita Series ep.1

Last week we had the honour of announcing our new project we've been working on! Interviewing a range of creatives, from designers to multi talents and fun personalities all working hard for something they love. We have titled this series 'Bersama Kita' ~ together we are... together we are powerful.. together we can make an impact.

My hope is that these creatives inspire and encourage you to take that leap and get your hands dirty. To know that no matter what stage of life you're in ~ if you have a dream, a purpose, a goal, you CAN achieve it.  


I have the honour of interviewing our good friend and photographer Georgia Mcneil today on our Bersama Kita ~ together we are, series. Georgia has shot Saltysea right from day one, capturing the lifestyle behind our brand so beautifully ~ we're continually amazed by her talents. Not only does Georgia capture brand and lifestyle photography but she also captures weddings and moments people remember for the rest of their lives. Topping off all these talents, she is kind, wise, and such a huge inspiration to many. 

Stephanie: How did you first get into photography and becoming your own entrepreneur?

Georgia: I picked up my Mums old compact camera when I was around 8 years old, and I haven’t put the camera down since. I started off shooting on a tiny film camera, then eventually transitioned to my first DSLR. I realized the dream of becoming my own entrepreneur when I was 16 years old. I took on a photography gig for a local event, and never looked back. Doing what I love and working to my own rules? Yes please!

Stephanie: What's your favourite part in shooting any brand, wedding or special event?

Georgia: My favourite part will always be seeing the reactions from clients when I hand over their final product. I will never forget when I handed my first Wedding to the Bride and Groom and they had happy tears in their eyes while looking through the images. Photography is so much more than just pictures. It’s capturing a moment in time that can be looked at forever. It’s capturing personality, love, and sometimes moments no one even saw happen. It’s a special thing to be a part of someone’s memories, and I will always be so grateful for it!

Stephanie: On top of your multi faced photography business, how do you stay balanced between work, play and business? And remain passionate for each aspect?

Georgia: I try to keep the balance between work and play by taking time out. As a business owner it’s so easy to feel guilty when taking time for yourself, but you’ve got to remember it’s so necessary for a healthy mind and soul. I keep the balance between my passion for photography and the business side of it by taking my camera out into nature in my spare time. Nature is my happy place and there is nothing I love more than heading out on a sunny day with my cameras over my shoulders and jandals on. A happy soul creates a happy biz!

Stephanie: What do you find is the most challenging aspect of being a photographer?

Georgia: The hardest part of the Photography industry is knowing your worth. I find pricing my work the biggest struggle. I have never met a single photographer that is in it the industry for the money, we all genuinely love what we do. But because of the insane passion that goes into creating art, it can be nearly impossible to put a price on it. There is so much planning and post-production that people do not understand, and most of it ends up coming out of our own pockets. If I genuinely charged for all the hours of travelling + consulting + planning + 5am wake ups + 3am end times + editing, my prices are “huge” and clients are not willing to pay. It's a challenging part of any business, but with balance and reflection we can establish our true worth!


Stephanie: What is one piece of advice you'd give an entrepreneur just starting his or her career?

Georgia: My favourite piece of advice is to ensure you make your income whilst making an impact. So many entrepreneurs go straight down the path of trying to get rich quick with pointless product and services. But the best business advice I could give is to think about how you can make people’s lives better. If you can find a way to impact peoples lives in a positive way, the money will come. Plus, the good karma will go a long way.  

Stephanie: What has been one of your favourite parts in working with Saltysea?

Georgia: My favourite part has hands-down been watching the little idea of Saltysea grow into a worldwide community. Saltysea has formed a special little community of like-minded humans that can bond over so many different aspects of the Saltysea lifestyle. I myself said that I would never be seen dead in one the Ulu Suits, and I now wear one every time I hit the water. So many women are gaining confidence and balance through the Saltysea community, and I’m super excited to see where this little biz takes itself!


Stephanie: Top three travel destinations on the top of your list, and why each place?

Georgia: I would absolutely love to step foot in every country in the world, so this is a hard one! First up would have to be Thailand, I travelled to Thailand with my family when I was younger and fell in love with the people and culture, so it holds a special place in my heart. Second up is the end goal of riding the length of New Zealand. It’s always been my dream to dive deep into travelling my very own home country, and when I found my love for motorcycles I swore that I would ride from the very top of New Zealand right down to the bottom of the South Island by the time I’m 25. Lastly, a more luxurious adventure to the Island of Vanuatu is on the bucket list. My parents honeymooned in Vanuatu 21 years ago, and to this day they still rave about the people and culture.


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View the latest campaign 'Naxos' shot by Georgia!

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