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Bersama Kita Series ep.3

A series focused on interviewing a range of creatives, from designers to multi talents and fun personalities all working hard for something they love. We have titled this series 'Bersama Kita' ~ together we are... together we are powerful.. together we can make an impact.

My hope is that these creatives inspire and encourage you to take that leap and get your hands dirty. To know that no matter what stage of life you're in ~ if you have a dream, a purpose, a goal, you CAN achieve it.  

I have the honour of interviewing our new friend Chantal Myers today on our Bersama Kita ~ together we are, series! Founder, Creator and Dreamer behind Rhye Intimates ~ an amazing business model doing wonderful things. We are so grateful we've had the opportunity to get to know Chantal recently, and hear more about her incredible business Rhye Intimates. From day one we've loved this beautiful gals' vision and goals for her business, she's such a bundle of light and we have no doubt she will impact so many lives in the most positive way. 

Stephanie: Tell us a little bit about Rhye Intimates and what it means to you?

Chantal: Rhye Intimates at the face of the brand is a Women’s Underwear Subscription where all our beautiful subscribers will receive two pairs of new underwear each month in either thongs, briefs, or a mix of both depending on their pick. The core of the business is to use Rhye Intimates as a tool to give back to women and young girls in our community who need it most, by way of providing sanitary products. Rhye Intimates is a project I have been working on since the end of 2017 and to finally see what used to be a scribble of ideas come to fruition in a way that helps give me purpose has been a really special journey.


Stephanie: What was your inspiration behind the name 'Rhye Intimates'?

Chantal: Long story short, it came from a moment of courage where I finally felt like all my fears of failure and the ‘unknown’ were thrown out the window and I was ready to kick start this project that I knew I was passionate about. It came from listening to a song called The Fall, by a band named Rhye. The story behind the song has little, actually nil to do with my brand, but more that it was an empowering personal experience that felt really fitting to weave into my brand name. Now that I’ve incidentally plugged the song, you should 100% check out their music video - they’re geniuses!


Stephanie: What do you find has been the most challenging aspect of creating a company from the ground up?

Chantal: Trying not to hoard all the work!! I have a dash of type A personality where my OCD and need for perfection often creates more stress than productivity. I used to feel like I had to be apart of every thought, decision and action that my little baby business took until I realised that it’s just not efficient practice to run everything by myself. A, it’s not practical use of your time and B, no one is an expert in all areas of their business. My mantra now is simply to work smarter, not harder. If I don’t know what I’m doing, or what my next steps should look like for success, I make sure to find a resource or a professional that does.

Stephanie: A lot of us know, being a business owner is tough, what keeps you going? What keeps you inspired to keep creating your brand?

Chantal: I’ve had a strong vision of my dream career since I was 14 and that is to find something that I’m passionate about and turn it into something profitable yet purposeful. I found a way to combine my interest in underwear designs and my passion to support a cause that means a lot to me and I’ve been lucky enough to have discovered something that serves me in both joy and reason. That’s what keeps me going!


Stephanie: From day one I've loved your entire business model, why did you decide to make Rhye Intimates a subscription based company vs. selling single pairs online?

Chantal: I actually stumbled across this undie subscription idea by a company in the US who offer a similar service. I’m very particular about my underwear and I only buy/wear panties that make me feel confident and appreciate my figure. I thought, surely there’s other ladies out there who are just as picky as me and would jump in excitement at the thought of new accentuating undies arriving on their doorstep each month! I love that a subscription is a one-off payment procedure for an ongoing service and I felt that it would create a broad landscape for Rhye to expand on our monthly package options and collaboration opportunities down the line.

Stephanie: We notice on your social channels as a part of the subscription you provide women who are in need, sanitary products. We personally think this is such an incredible thing! Tell us, what inspired you to do this?

Chantal: There’s some really inspiring social enterprises out there that are doing their best to to support our communities in many unique ways, which is where my inspiration stemmed from. I stumbled across an article a couple years ago about ‘Period Poverty’ in New Zealand and it’s been heavy on my heart ever since. As soon as Rhye began to shape itself, I knew that this was the opportunity I had been waiting for to bring this social issue forward and help look after our women. If there’s one benefit I could promote for subscribing to Rhye Intimates, it would be for the support of this cause. Here is a really worth-while read that shares some context around the significance of this issue:


Stephanie: Where would you like to see your business go in the next year? Do you have any exciting plans on the horizon?

Chantal: I would love to see my business expanding to Australasia and in time, adding intimate sets and limited editions of swim-wear and night-wear to our seasons.

Stephanie: Do you have any advice for other young entrepreneurs just dipping their toes in the water?

Chantal: Don’t worry about being logical, just be passionate. I truly believe that the best ideas are the really bizarre and unconventional ones and that the best way to bring them to life is to ditch the rule books and find the right people that will help you make it happen. It’s all about visualisation - if you can dream it, you can achieve it!

Stephanie: I personally love seeing the beautiful quotes on your Instagram page, would you like to leave us with one of your favourites.. and why it's your favourite?

Chantal: “The key to success is to start before you are ready” - Marie Forleo.

I must say it’s probably not the most beautiful quote, but it’s certainly the most powerful quote for me and can be applied to all aspects of life which is why it’s my favourite!


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