How Saltysea is Becoming More Sustainable

When we first launched Saltysea, it was really important for us to create a socially conscious and ethical company. We love fashion but we didn't want our brand to come at a cost to our planet in the process, so creating and constantly improving our business to be more mindful of our carbon footprint is a huge priority for us. 


So, how are we sustainable right now?

  • We develop all of our collections using ethical fabrics focusing on durability, eco friendly and recycled materials
  • We only use biodegradable packaging when shipping our products
  • All of our business card material is being changed to t-shirt offcuts to reuse and recycle
  • We are committed to continuously learning about new fabrics and materials to constantly improve our collections 
  • We've integrated environmental, economic and social issues into the heart of our brand
  • We believe that environmental sustainability is a priority and we're on a mission to spread that message
  • We value our responsible partnerships with Econyl and our manufacturers - keeping an open and close relationship means we are a part of all the change each company is making


What are we doing to become even more sustainable? 

  • We are working closely with our suppliers on receiving all of our collections and store stock in biodegradable packaging, getting rid of the use of plastic throughout our entire supply chain
  • We've used all of our old business cards and have now ordered all of the new (and beautiful) Saltysea and The Salty Collective cards using t-shirt offcuts that have been reused and recycled into card stock 
  • We are sampling a new sustainable material to launch our entire Saltysea Studio Collection in
  • We are sourcing more fabrics that use no chemical treatment in their process
  •  We have set a goal to become a Certified B Corporation which is a cerfiticate that proves you meet the highest standards of verified social and environmental performance, public transparency and legal accountability to balance profit and purpose


We are committed to constantly educating ourselves on the sustainability of Saltysea by continuing to learn how we can minimise our environmental impact. 

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