How To Incorporate Mindfulness Into Your Work Week

We've all heard about meditation and the benefits of it, but how do you actually incorporate it in-between all the emails, phone calls, zoom meetings and the many responsibilities we have throughout our work weeks.

Today we want to share four tips to incorporate mindfulness into your busy work week so you can feel just as alive as productive. 

  1. Focusing on just one thing.
    It's really that simple - no more multitasking, focus on one task before you move on. You will become much more productive over the course of the week. 

  2. Set a reminder on your phone or if you have an Apple Watch, it will remind you every day to breathe. You can take 60 seconds of your day, no matter what you're doing to bring your attention to your breathe. You'll feel so much calmer, practice this if you're starting to feel overwhelmed or you have a loss of energy mid day, spend 60 seconds taking big deep inhales and exhales. 

  3. Pay attention to what you eat.
    Throughout your workday pay attention to what you're eating, how it feels, how it smells, what it tastes like. Take the time to experience the environment you're in when eating. 

  4. Walking meditation.
    Try and go for a walk throughout your work day and focus on the experience of walking, your surroundings, your steps, your breathes as your walking. Bring mindfulness to your attention. 

Incorporating mindfulness into your work week will help you become more aware of the importance of the present moment. Start with deep breathing and focusing on one thing at a time. This will help you to be more productive, patient and creative. 

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