How We Can Support Our Local Businesses During This Tough Time

There is no doubt about what’s happening at the moment but it’s great to see how proactive everyone is during this tough time. ✨

So many people are affected, families, children, parents, businesses, the economy and so much more. If you are self isolating there are so many ways you can still help your local community. If restaurants are only doing takeaway, you can still support them. If you need something or simply want to burn a candle while doing your yoga or your exercises at home, ourselves and some of our other beautiful local shops still have online stores so you can still support from home.

Instead of scrolling let’s support our local communities by sending them a message, sharing their pages, tagging friends. Today we’re sharing this blog about how we can continue to support our local community and local businesses during this time. Because no doubt, it’ll be a tough time for all - world wide. So let’s do some good, focus on the positive, self isolate, work from home if you can or need to.

As Huffington Post recently shared, small businesses around the world are struggling to make ends meet ― although customers have disappeared, bills and wages have not.

Buy Online

This is the first and most effective way to financially keep these small businesses functioning during this time. If you've had your eye on something, now would be the time to purchase and help them out. 

“Your generosity could be a game changer for them right now,” small business owner Liz Pearce told HuffPost.

Shop Locally Whenever You Can

If your planning on stocking up anyways, try your hardest to stock up with as many of your local companies as you can before you clear the entire shelf of Countdown. 

Spread the Love

Send your local business some love, share their businesses with your friends, re-post their images. Support them by leaving positive reviews for them. There are many ways you can spread the love without spending a cent, and it will go a long way. Especially right now. 

“On our bad days, small business owners usually remember our customers first, and when we believe that we matter to you, it gives us the strength to find another way to keep going.”

See If Your Local Fitness Studio or Yoga Studio Offer Online Classes

This is another great way you can a. stay fit and healthy and b. still support your local gym or studios. Ask - maybe they will live stream some workouts while you're self-quarantined. 

Pick up a Gift Card

This is a great way to still support the local shops, it will not only help the cash flow of the small businesses but it can be something nice you enjoy later. 

There is many more ways you can help support your town and community, share your comments with us over on Instagram and let's start a conversation!

Our flagship store, The Salty Collective will be open 9:30-4:00pm daily but please feel free to shop online. If there is a specific product you'd like from The Salty Collective that you can't find online, please call us to order it on 027-372-9080 or on email at and we will be more than happy to help.

Lastly, instead of ‘Netflix and chilling’ perhaps use this time to start working on side hustles and creative dreams. If you need some help getting those juices flowing send us a message (we’ll help you!)

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