Motivating Yourself to Get it Done

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Stephanie here - I thought I'd tune in to our blog today and talk to you about 'getting it done' I often get DM's asking how I do it, how do I stay motivated to keep up with our posts, work life family life.. business life.. and if you follow my personal page (@stephaniemsaxton)  you'll know my personal life is just as busy as my business life. My golden Lab, two full on rescue puppies, and a gorgeous hubby keep me busy alongside all of life's other beauties, houses, friends, goals and responsibilities. 

The truth is, sometimes I'm not motivated to get it done, sometimes I feel like turning my phone off for days, not responding to any emails or DM's, not posting BUT then I remind myself why I launched Saltysea to begin with. I created Saltysea to build a community, to motivate and inspire our following to chase their dreams, to be real and to follow through with their goals.. So how do I stay true to that if I don't show up myself? 

Although I do feel it's really important to unplug, and focus on your own wellbeing, I feel being organised makes the greatest difference between feeling overwhelmed and stressed vs balanced and motivated.

So I thought instead of telling you to 'power through' I would create a couple of my favourite tips that help me stay motivated or gain motivation to get the things done that I need to in order to create the company, and the community I want to see for Saltysea. 

Tip 1: Morning Routine
Don't grab your phone first thing in the morning, I use to wake up and grab my phone straight away, read my emails, look at the comments, the messages and the orders but I truly feel it is so important to leave that phone on charge until you give yourself some well earned time to just 'be'. So now I wake up, have a coffee with my man and enjoy the stillness of the morning (until the puppies go insane and start destroying everything) Haha! 

But honestly, I'll spend time with my man in the morning, set intentions for my day or my week, how I want to feel, what I want to achieve. I feel this puts me in a good head space without feeling overwhelmed by all the notifications and emails on my phone. 

Tip 2: Move your Body
Even if that's jumping jacks in your lounge, going for a walk, doing a workout, whatever it is you do, it's important to move our bodies. Most mornings I'll take the three dogs down to the beach for an hour walk/play before I start work, this is the time in my day I feel the most creative, so many ideas come to me during this time! Moving our bodies has an infinite amount of benefits to our overall health and wellbeing. 

Tip 3: Batch Work
Anyone else have 20+ tabs open on their computer's or phones at all times? trying to multitask your whole week's 'to do list' at one time? giving little attention to each single task? GONE are those days! 

What do you need to get done? Make a list of highest priority to lowest. Sit down, dedicate 30 minutes, 1 hour, 1 day to that ONE task and get it done. Don't pick away at it for weeks on end, never feeling like you've accomplished anything by the end of the day/week because only 60% or 80% of those task are actually completed! 

This has made the biggest difference for me, and my business. I schedule a weeks worth of content in one sitting. I'll dedicate an hour in my day purely choosing which images I want to share that week, I'll dedicate another hour in my day scheduling these posts so that once that's complete I don't have to think about that task the rest of the week. 

Another tip if your running a business that I've found SO helpful from Jenna Kutcher's 'Gold Digger' Podcasts is when you upload that post you've prepared to go live, give yourself 10 or 20 minutes to engage with the people commenting and messaging, spend time getting to know your following, what they love about your post or comment, create a conversation.. it's proving to go a long way when you genuinely care about creating a community and not just 'making a buck'.

To round this little blog up.. you can't get much done in life if you only work on the days you feel good. Remind yourself why you started, move your body, and batch work (pick one task and get it done, even if you really don't want to) and then enjoy doing something you love like going for an ocean dip, meeting a girlfriend at a Cafe for a cuppa, reward yourself too. 

Get it done, focus on it, and you'll feel so good for it. 

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