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Our design inspiration for the Naxos' 18 collection
the steps we took to get here! 

Hey everyone, I thought I'd jump straight into our blog today with a goal to publish one entry a week. From interviews with other entrepreneurs doing beautiful things in the world to getting to know us at Saltysea and why and how we started Saltysea to begin with. My goal for our blog is to show you that no matter what stage of life you're in, you can still follow all your dreams. I hope to not only inspire you, but to show you the steps we personally took to get to where we're at and how to use some tools to help you too. There's always room for growth in my eyes ~ personally, mentally, and in business ~ but it's just as important to honour where your at right now and how far you've come. 

So to dive right into it, today's entry is about where I found our inspiration for this first collection that we call Naxos 18 ~ To be completely transparent with you, I didn't even have a name for our first collection when I launched it. We found ourself doing a big photoshoot in Bowentown, New Zealand at a gorgeous Greek inspired mansion ~ and that mansion was called 'Naxos Hilltop' I basically fell in love with the place and there's where we were inspired to lean our first collection toward. 

Creating a business from the ground up is not by any means easy, but you don't have to have everything 'perfect' before you jump in, a lot of what Saltysea has become in only the past seven months was a result of what I learnt after I physically launched this baby. Staying grounded to my values from day one has been a huge help in the positive response we're finding, so set some goals.. what do you most value in your life? and stay true to those values!

The design inspiration for this first collection came from a lot of different places, but mainly adventure as a whole ~ the outdoors and the sea played a huge part in drawing our designs and choosing our colour palette for our Naxos Collection.

This collection was designed to be simple, attracting everyone from the world traveller to the everyday woman living an active lifestyle. The colour palette for this first collection was definitely inspired by everything wild ~ different shades of blues inspired by the ocean, morning, day + night. Shades of greens, such as military and olives were inspired by hiking, forests, and being in nature. 

The steps we took to get to where we are now, like I said above were never as easy as:
Step 1:
Step 2:
Step 3: 
Step 4: Success 

It's never as easy as 1,2,3 ~ I learnt a lot along the way and I'm still continuing to learn! A big part in creating this blog is to be transparent with you, to show you a real 'behind the scenes' into the creation of Saltysea. Creating a personality for Saltysea that's not in competition with anyone else ~ not fast fashion, and not other brands.. I'm continually creating a unique personality, something that's different than what's already surrounding us, and that makes me so excited. 

Social media was and is a huge part in the creation and the continual growth of Saltysea ~ our top platforms have definitely been Instagram and Facebook from day one! Something I learnt when I began Saltysea was the power of social media and the story you have the opportunity to create while using it. I started feeding my social media platforms many months before I started trading ~ sharing images + videos of our samples and colours to see peoples reactions to them ~ sharing the adventure and lifestyle that I wanted to create for Saltysea and the image I wanted to portray to the world through it! I feel that was a huge part of the growth so early on! Social media is powerful, and it's definitely a platform worth exploring and learning for business now a days ~ especially for our younger generation! 

Although my inspiration for this first collection came from many different places, my goal was ultimately for people to feel comfortable and confident while creating incredible memories wearing their Saltysea styles and colours ~ and seeing your reactions to these first Saltysea pieces, that’s been an incredible feeling, seeing you all speak so highly inspires me to continually keep designing and creating our second collection. I will have a sneaky mention in here now, as I haven't announced this yet ~ but we've got our samples for mens board shorts arriving this next week! So get ready to see some new faces pop up on our pages!

Thank you all for plugging in to only our second blog entry ~ thank you for being a part of this journey! If you have Saltysea pieces yourself, be sure to tag #livesaltysea on social media so we can see your beautiful faces! If your interested in exploring our collection now, click here!



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