Our Favourite Podcasts Right Now

Hi everyone,

Yesterday we posted on our stories some of our favourite podcasts on Spotify that we're loving at the moment so I thought I would share them on our blog as well. 

• Start Up Creative Podcast by @kaylene.langford

• Creative Business - Make your break podcast by @jailong.co

• Oprah podcast @oprah

• The Gold Digger by @jennakutcher

• The School of Greatness by @lewishowes

• Addicted 2 Success by @iamjoelbrown

• The Melissa Ambrosini Show @melissaambrosini

• The Bite Size Biz Room by @tribeskincare

• The Tony Robbins Podcast @tonyrobbins 

Comment any other podcasts you're listening too and if you do plug into any of these above, comment and let us know!

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