Our Favourite Tips to Planning and Goal Setting

Have you ever set a goal and quit before seeing any results? I have - I'm sure we all have at some point. We're human - achieving goals takes more than just willpower to make a change. Setting and achieving goals requires not only motivation, but willingness, belief as well as a plan to actually follow through. Obstacles will always come up in our lives and we'll be thrown many curve balls, so writing your goals down and getting extremely clear on what you want to attract into your life is so important. 

The most common goals we see usually include health, career, education, and financial goals. Here are some example's you've probably seen and maybe even set yourself:

Health: get healthy, get fit, exercise daily, only eat nourishing food, drink more water, meditate, get outside more, cleanse.
Career and Education: climb the ladder, move up, gain a new skill, give back, start a business, earn a degree, make a career switch, become an expert in my field.
Financial: pay off debt, save for retirement, save more than I spend, save for a vacation, feel financially secure. 

These are all very common goals we see out there - I know before I started to get really clear on what I wanted in my life, I'd set goals just like the ones above and to be honest I'd rarely make any changes - and why? 

Because they were not specific enough!

I want to encourage you to take a few minutes and think about your passions and interests. Brainstorm what makes you feel the most excited. Ask yourself these questions to prompt your mind:

Is there something you've always wanted to do? But haven't because of fear of failure? the unknown? lack of funds? little knowledge in the area? 

What is something you're doing when you feel the most alive? Happy? Content?

Write down all the things that excite you: 

- The thought of travelling without the strain of finances

- Starting your very own company, choosing your hours, choosing who works with you

- Dogs 

- The beach 

- Cooking 

- Having a career I love 

- Earning a big enough income to support my family/children/dogs/horses

Let the mind go crazy here, everything you can think of - this is going to help narrow your focus into some more specific goals. 

Now sit back and look at your list: 

Example: "Have a career I love" - now ask yourself why. If I could stop you right here in this moment, right now. This - is the MOST IMPORTANT part about setting a goal. The why. Why is this goal important to you. Go through your list and think about why you wrote each point down. Ex. "Dogs" - why are dogs important to you? Because they make the entire world a better place, they bring you so much joy, they fill your soul, they encourage you to get outside. Get specific, and get clear on WHY you are writing each of these things that excite you down. 

Use these three questions if you get stuck:

  1. Why is getting a career I love important to me?
  2. Why does that reason matter?
  3. Why do I feel so strongly about that reason? 

Are you ready to be honest with yourself about where you’re at right now and where you want to go?

Now that you're ready to set some goals and make change in your life, it will take commitment, focus, motivation and some flexibility - so let's look at my favourite tips to goal setting.  

1. Always State your Goals with a Positive Intention
Ex. "Stop staying so late at work" instead, change that to "Spend more time with my family." (WHY not staying late at work is important to you).

2. Clear Out the Old to Make Room for the New
Ex. Reflect on what you've achieved in the past, forgive yourself and acknowledge the things you didn't work out. I like doing this with my home, work space and cellphone too. Go through your house and get rid of all the clutter, same with your work space, on your phone unfollow the accounts that don't serve you purpose, transfer your photos to a hard drive and create a nice clean space to welcome in new ideas. 

3. Focus on the Journey and Not Just the Outcome
The steps you take to get to your desired goal are more important  than the goal itself. I love this example - say your goal is to get fit, your next step was to break it down, so you set a more specific goal of loosing 15KG's. Now say you loose 10KG's and your body and mind is absolutely thriving and you are happy with how you feel - does that mean you didn't achieve your goal because you didn't loose the full 15KG's? No, absolutely not. 

The power is in the process and in this process you learnt only to eat what you needed on your plate, you cut down on the sweets, you got out and you moved your body each day. You prioritised some yoga and some meditation.. THAT is the power of the process

4. Visualise What you Want 
This point gets me so fired up - every time. There is SUCH power in visualising what you want in your life. Walking along the beach or out in nature always puts my mind into this space. Thinking about what I want - SO clearly that naturally you start attracting these things, people, places, and goals. Visualisation stimulates your neural networks that connect the brain’s intentions to the body. 

5. Make a Plan
List out each of your goals and make a plan - put in the steps to achieve them. Break each goal down into small attainable steps with realistic deadlines.

Example of a Goal: Start my own business
Example of Step 1: 
Research 10 companies you love
Example of Step 2: Write down 5 things about each company that draws you to them. 
Example of Step 3: Brainstorm every word that comes to mind when you think about the business you want to create
Example of Setting a Deadline: Complete this task by Friday, July 24th

Writing down specific goals with steps to achieve them and realistic deadlines will help you get closer to achieving your desired results. 

Before you get all excited and start setting some goals - make sure you review these weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly. Whatever works for you, make sure with each goal you set, you write down the steps you're taking to achieve this and be sure review these goals as often as you want to make sure there still relevant in a week, month, year.

Our favourite goal setting and calendar can be found here. This journal is created specifically for turning your ideas into achievable goals and plans; these pages will help you get to know your strengths, build your projects from the ground up, and inject some purpose into your wildest dreams.  




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