Our First Pop-Up Shop Was A Success!

Hey everyone,

Thank you for taking the time to read our blog posts here on Saltysea! We haven't had a chance to catch up lately because we've been so busy! But I promise I'm going to jump on here more! 

We had an extremely incredible Easter Long Weekend opening our FIRST ever pop-up shop to you, our community here in Waihi Beach, New Zealand! 

Opening this pop up was our next big milestone in our Saltysea business, I wanted to see how our local community reacted and if maybe this was an idea for something a bit more permanent here at the beach! 

During our pop-up we collaborated with a couple of our favourite brands so we could bring some variety to our shop front, and it was perfect!! The vibe was SO good, and we truly did create such a wonderful space in such a short amount of time! 

We had two weeks to prepare for this pop-up once the leasee agreed to let us do it! With only one day to actually take the keys and set up!  Thursday, April. 18th was the day.. and we opened our doors Friday, April 19th at 9:00am to the public and traded for four days, closing down Monday, April. 22nd around 3:00pm. It was a BUSY four days and A LOT of work and energy went in to it, but I'm honestly SO grateful and so glad I did it, because it was such a success!

It was funny, over the weekend I found myself constantly saying on our social platforms that ‘words cannot describe the feeling of opening this pop up shop to you, our community’ but I truly mean that. We traded during the day, and shut shop about 5:00pm to prepare for our 5:30pm evening Pilates and Yoga classes each day! And I will say, because I feel like it speaks such volume.. our classes even had wait lists!!! WHAT! Blew my mind! Everyone wanted to be a part of the vibe we were creating in there... it was magical. We even had live music during one of our yoga classes on the Sunday evening, again.. words cannot describe! 

I’m so grateful for this entire experience and every single person who came out to see the store, to be a part of the experience and supporting us! The brands that collaborated with us, I am SO grateful! Zoe from Caja Jewellery, Coka from The Yoga Tribe, Emma at Bohzali, Kim Founder of Little Green Corner and Matt Creator of Block 5 Brew Lab! It wouldn't have been the same without all of you involved in supplying bits from your brands to fill our shop while keeping our values at the forefront of everything we did! 

To the beautiful people who have been following us on social media and who drove out from Auckland, Hamilton, all of those from Tauranga, and the Mount! It honestly blew me away at the fact y’all came out to check out our space, and be a part of our classes! It was so great to put faces to the people who support, who purchase, who send messages, and comment on our posts! Thank you guys so much! 

Before I finish this blog entry - there may be a few people who are completely new around here! So let me introduce myself, welcome! I'm Stephanie, the founder and creator behind this beautiful ethical brand called Saltysea. Let me give you a little insight into who we are and how we choose to do business (aka life). ⁣⠀

Saltysea was founded with a vision to inspire you to feel comfortable and confident in your skin, while knowing your pieces are made ethically and will last you years and years to come! We work only with ethical factories, and pay above working wage because we feel like our incredible staff deserve more! 
It is disheartening to see big companies swoop in, charging a fraction of the price that we charge, because we choose to pay our staff well, and work with ethical fabrics - but the beautiful people we're attracting into our Saltysea community clearly care about who their supporting, what their supporting and where that money is ultimately going. So thank you, to our community, supporting and ultimately making a positive impact on our world! 

So here is to what’s ahead (because there is definitely going to be something on the horizon!) 🙏

Founder Saltysea

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