Reducing Stress by Leaving These 5 Words Behind

Words have such power on our minds, what we think we become.. so the words we're throwing around every day have a bigger impact on our mental strength than we realise. These words are especially good at sneaking in when we're feeling our most vulnerable, so it's time we remove them! 

1. I can't
Even though we may feel like we really 'can't do' something because of a lack of skill or resources, but I like to believe in a 'can do' attitude. That if your truly passionate about something, you'll put in the effort to learn, seek assistance and make it happen. 

Having a 'can do' attitude will motivate you to follow through with achieving your goals. All while feeding your sub conscious with 'I can't'  will destroy your sense of belief in achieving anything worth while. 

2. Should

We all know where I'm going with this one, 'I should' be doing this, but instead i'm not.. 'I should' finish the book i'm writing.. 'I should' make my health and my fitness a bigger priority in my life. The words that always follow 'I should' is 'but I didn't'. But even worse is these words we're feeding ourselves are also thoughts, and their seeping in and giving our self-esteem a big ol' kick in the gut. 

3. I'll Try

We throw 'I'll try' around as if it's a  get out of jail free card.. but it isn't. 'I'll try' usually means we're unsure and lacking in confident to follow through. We all use this, all the time. All it does is sabotage our self esteem and gives us anxiety. Be confident in your decisions and be honest about where your at. Be confident when you put the work in to achieve your goals. You've got this! 

4. But I'm So Stressed

'I'm Stressed'... oh man, how many times have we heard this one! Even if we weren't necessarily stressed when we said it, we definitely are now. Words are so powerful, what we think, we become.. so feeding our minds with words like 'stressed' really impacts the way we view our situation or task at hand. Telling ourselves we're 'so stressed' when we're just busier than we normally are is not helping our mental strength at all! 

Try loosing these words and see how you feel, our language drives our beliefs so we have to make sure our thoughts are driving our language in the direction we want to go! 

Inspired by Thought Radio! 

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