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In 2022 sustainability isn't just a buzz word, it's a lifestyle that shows the way we care about who and what we love, including the items inside our homes. I knew that creating Saltysea had to be about moving towards not only a mindset around sustainability, but sustainability in action too. Which is why we’ve teamed up with Miele to capture a handful of images that feature both Miele’s cooktop, oven and rangehood alongside two of Saltysea’s newest studio pieces.



Did you know that sustainability is entrenched in the values and traditions of Miele. It is the absolute foundation for Miele’s long-term success and it’s been inspiring to learn about how Miele is still family owned, in their 4th generation and lead by their guiding philosophy of Immer Besser, forever better, which also means ‘how can we be forever better for our planet’. Let’s think for a second, imagine investing in one quality appliance and owning it for the next twenty years instead of going through 4-5 of a lesser quality appliance… imagine how much less waste we’d see in our landfills. :O


We’re excited to see the passion Miele and Saltysea have in common when it comes to sustainability, what we wear on our bodies and what we choose to have in our homes can be a part of what keeps nature beautiful. Incorporating items that are well worth the investment, made to last and focus on quality craftsmanship and sustainability - these items will not only benefit you now, but they’ll stay with you for many years ahead.

If you want to start making changes toward a more sustainable lifestyle, start by getting curious. Start by considering what is important to you and how doing and having what you love may have either a positive or negative impact on the places you enjoy. Pay attention to the pieces you do have and why you bought them, and of course, why you love your favourites. Sustainability is a lot about slowing down all the consumption and investing in quality items that are going to last you many years ahead.

Miele is also a member of the UN sustainability organisation Global Compact and signatory of the "Diversity Charter." Publishing a sustainability report every two years, Miele is a company we absolutely we want to share with you, our active, sustainability loving audience!

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