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  • How To Incorporate Mindfulness Into Your Work Week

    We've all heard about meditation and the benefits of it, but how do you actually incorporate it in-between all the emails, phone calls, zoom meetings and the many responsibilities we have throughout our work weeks. Today we want to share four tips to incorporate mindfulness into your busy work w... View Post
  • Why We Recommend Reformer Pilates

    Curious about Reformer Pilates? You may have seen if you've visited us at our Flagship store here in Waihi Beach, New Zealand that we work closely with Beach Pilates Reformer Studio - Founder Jonti Batchelor.  Today on our blog we want to share a little bit about what Reformer Pilates actually... View Post
  • International Women's Day

    This historical day that celebrates the achievements of women all across the world - International Women’s Day ✨ I want to start by saying a huge thank you to all the beautiful, supportive, encouraging and kind women in my life. One of the main reasons I started my brand, Saltysea was... View Post

    How has the start of 2020 been for you? Did you leave 2019 behind? Maybe you took what you loved and what felt good with you into 2020 and left behind the rest? Have you set some goals for this New Year or are you desperately trying to find ways to be more productive so you can accomplish all the... View Post
  • More Than Just A Retail Store

    It's always been a dream of mine to open my very own Saltysea flagship store in a really beautiful area and close to the beach.. and well that dream became a reality! Faster than I could have ever imagined as well, which kind of gives me goosebumps even saying right now.  I always envisioned my f... View Post
  • Our Favourite Motivational Quotes

    In need of some morning motivation? We aren't always motivated and that's a fact. Here is some of my favourite motivational quotes to give you a boost of inspiration as you get to the end of your week. “When you arise in the morning think of what a privilege it is to be alive, to think, to enjoy... View Post
  • Our First Pop-Up Shop Was A Success!

    Hey everyone, Thank you for taking the time to read our blog posts here on Saltysea! We haven't had a chance to catch up lately because we've been so busy! But I promise I'm going to jump on here more! We had an extremely incredible Easter Long Weekend opening our FIRST ever pop-up shop to you, o... View Post
  • Lost on Matakana: Collection Edit


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