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Bersama Kita Series ep.5

A series focused on interviewing a range of creatives, from designers to multi talents and fun personalities all working hard for something they love. We have titled this series 'Bersama Kita' ~ together we are... together we are powerful.. together we can make an impact.

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It's my honour today to introduce you to our good friend and Founder of her own business, Tasha Boot. Tash is the Founder of hair stylist 'Picture Perfect Hair' company making her staple with everything from colour, wedding hair and even brand styling. We've had the honour of having Tasha style our girls at our Naxos 18 Campaign and were incredibly impressed by everything Tash was able to achieve. We had so much fun interviewing Tasha, digging deep into what made her become a hair stylist to her biggest struggles creating 'Picture Perfect Hair'. 

Stephanie: Tell us a little bit about what made you become a hair stylist? 

Tasha: Growing up I always wanted to do something creative. I had ideas of becoming an interior designer or something in fashion, but I wanted the career without having to study at university. School was never my favorite thing! 
Learning to be a hairstylist I could work and learn at the same time. I could start using my hands and let my creativity full in a more hands on environment.

Stephanie: How did you go from a starter to a professional hair stylist?

Tasha: A lot of blood, sweat and tears! A few hard lessons learned and an amazing mentor. 
But in all honesty it's hard work learning this trade and I think persistence, support and willingness to learn and grow got me to where I am today.

Stephanie: I know a lot of people come in with just a single image saying 'this is what I want' how do you take that image and turn it into a successful style/colour?

Tasha: Being realistic and honest with clients is always the first step. That colour or cut might not suit their lifestyle, face shape or hair type. As the expert they are trusting you to get it right so you make a realist plan from the start and go from there! But there isn't anything more rewarding then having a client sitting in your chair feeling beautiful and knowing that you did that.

Stephanie: What challenges have you faced in creating your own business? 

Tasha: I think my biggest challenge has been myself and allowing outside influences to affect me and my confidence. To make me doubt my ability of being able to do it. 

It is much more important to listen to the ones saying " you CAN do it" and with amazing friends, family and partner I managed to pull myself out of the negative mindset trap I had fallen in to.

Stephanie: What's your favourite technique to use? and why?

Tasha: I love foiling! you can create so many beautiful colours with depth and contrast foiling gives you. I love the classic technique but on the other hand I  love free hand painting or balayage. The possibilities are endless and you can custom a colour to suit every hair type.i love the freedom it gives me. Honesty I love any technique that allows me to create beautiful blonds! 

Stephanie: What hair product do you think every woman should have? 

Tasha: Such a hard question! Every product is important in it's own way but I think a really good and suitable shampoo, conditioner and treatment are the building blocks to luscious hair.

Stephanie: You recently styled for our latest campaign Naxos, what was that like? 

Tasha: Amazing to say the least! To work with such beautiful, inspiring women who have passion and a strong sense of self was really empowering. To also give me the opportunity to do something I have only dreamt about  was really amazing. To see my work displayed on the Saltysea Instagram and website gives me a  such a great feeling of accomplishment! 

Stephanie: Any advice to any others looking at becoming a hair stylist?

Tasha: Be prepared to work your butt off!  Being an apprentice is so hard and some days you just want to give up  but remember why you started, remember your passion and that will give you the strength to continue and become an amazing stylist.

Stephanie: What are your goals for the future? Where would you like to take your business? 

Tasha: I have always dreamed of doing hair for photo shoots and the runaway. I would also love to expand my business and take on more weddings to forfill my passion for creating beautiful hair ups.

Stephanie: Where can people find you? How would they book! 

Tasha: During the week I'm at Zhoosh at Waihi Beach you can find me there! You can also follow my journey on Instagram and Facebook at Picture Perfect Hair by Tash. 

To learn more about Tasha visit her on:
Instagram: @picture_perfecthair_bytash

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