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Hi everyone, Stephanie here ~ Founder and Designer of Saltysea. If you're new around here, welcome! I'm the face behind bringing Saltysea to life. A little backround, I'm a Canadian gal born just outside of Vancouver, Canada ~ I moved to New Zealand with my Kiwi man six years ago and have loved it ever since! I launched Saltysea February of this year purely based on my passion to create something I loved, something I was proud of, something I could use as a vehicle to give back and create an amazing community around.

1.5 years ago I put pencil to paper and started bringing my ideas to life, sketching out all my designs (roughly I might add, as I'm not the best at drawing) but enough detail that I could work with my manufactures to bring these ideas to life. I officially launched my baby 8 months ago, and in this time I've had the utmost honour of meeting the most incredible people, forming amazing friendships along the way.

1 year ago now I flew over to Bali, catching the sampling process of my first collection, which consisted of all activewear pieces, at first. When I met with my manufactures, saw their studio, and learnt more about their process of designing, I fell absolutely in love with it all. It just all felt so right. I was shown all their ethical swimwear fabrics and knew I had to create a suit in this first collection, a suit that would honour a women and her body ~ so right then and there ~ the Ulu Suit was born, and has since become one of our biggest staples and best sellers in our collection. 

Getting to meet my manufacturers on a personal level to me was just as important as anything else, getting to know the faces behind every piece of Saltysea created is something I am so proud of. My vision was and always will be, to be transparent with all of you. I want to be open with how our products are made so that when you purchase Saltysea you know exactly where your money goes. With that, I am the sole owner of my company, all of our workers are paid fair living wages, they receive paid vacation, sick leave, and medical insurance for themselves, and their families. All our staff have religious holidays off and are treated with respect in their work place. For every positive review they receive, they are honoured with bonuses ~ every detail of this is important to me and what I want to see for Saltysea, and honestly every other company out there. 

We have so much ability to do good in this world, and every decision in that counts towards making that difference. Which brings me to write this blog today, Saltysea is built on relationships, built on trust, built on support and built on love. Without all these factors, Saltysea wouldn't be what it is: a community people can feel supported and honoured for who they are. 

I've spent the time since launching Saltysea, committed to the idea that humanity comes before any profit, building relationships with everyone involved in Saltysea, comes before the dollar signs in the bank account. Relationships with our manufacturers, to the ones who support us, to our photographers and hair stylist and every person who has and will be collaborating with us in the future ~ building relationships come before anything else.

Collaboration is a powerful thing, when their is collaboration, wonderful things happen. We see it all the time, when people come together they create, they make change and they do good. Everyone we choose to collaborate with, we look for one most important thing: do their core values align with our core values: meaning does everyone that touches their products receive their basic human rights: a fair living wage, a safe working environment, health benefits, sick leave... all these things that a lot of people don't even think about when they make multiple purchases a day.  

With all of this being said, the relationships formed by bringing an idea to life and creating a business is something I take so much pride in. It doesn't cost a penny to be kind, and it goes a long way. A simple hello can lead to a conversation, a conversation could lead to a connection and a connection can lead to SO many beautiful things. Start there, start by being kind, saying hello, holding the door open and over time watch how many relationships you form because of it. 

Coming to a close, it's so important I keep an open relationship with all of you, the ones who follow Saltysea, the ones who support Saltysea, comment, share, and speak so highly of... you guys are all the anchor of this brand. I read everything you post, every photo you share, every comment, every review and I try my best to reply to every message as quick as I can while still unplugging and spending quality time with my fur babies and my supportive hubby. 

Every idea you shoot through, I make note of to include in my design process of the next collections ahead of us.. there is so much fear in bringing your ideas to life, putting them on the table for everyone to see, but I am so grateful to all of you who speak so highly of your Saltysea pieces.

Saltysea is designed to go with you on your adventures, to hike with you, to travel the world with you, to living everyday life with you.. versatile and timeless pieces that can be worn over and over again. To create memories in and feel confident in.

If you haven't seen already, I've launched a series focused on interviewing a range of creatives, from designers to multi talents  all working hard for something they love. I've titled this series 'Bersama Kita' ~ together we are... 

So tune in to that below if you'd like to see some other entrepreneurs who've taken their passion, and turned it into a business. 


Thank you for taking the time, and thank you for supporting us.


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