4 Ways To Make Your Packaging More Sustainable

Do you have a brand of your own? or maybe your thinking of creating some sort of product and maybe it's crossed your mind to look for a sustainable packaging option. Well now's the time! With the fast paced world we live in, it’s time to step back and look at how we can reduce our impact and the amount of waste that is created in the world.


Annie Leonard, the Executive Director of Greenpeace, said “there is no such thing as “away”, when we throw something away it must go somewhere.”

If we can contribute in even the smallest way, it will help! Every single piece of plastic created still exists on this earth, plastic packaging will last longer than you and I (that's wild!) 

We've done just that! Instead of plastic packaging we've gone with a sustainable and biodegradable New Zealand company called R3Pack, with their range of compostable bags made with corn starch, PLA and PBAT.  Using non toxic inks providing a natural alternative to traditional plastic courier bags.

I know it can be daunting researching the web trying to find a company that can provide sustainable packaging for your specific product so here's a hand! 

Here are four key areas that you can look at implementing into your own business to provide a smaller footprint on the planet.

1. Make your packaging suit your product

Arriving home to a package in the mail has got to be one of the most exciting feelings, opening a package you've waited for what feels like for ever for.. it's like Christmas morning! Depending on what your product is, my advice is to personalise it with a little something so your customer feels excited! All our packages arrive with a custom love letter, sealed in Saltysea tissue paper and a little Saltysea sticker sealing it. It's all about the experience here! 

2. Use recyclable materials

From your mailers to your custom tissue paper or packaging! Take the time to research some local businesses who make sustainable packaging! It'll go a long way!

3. Sustainable filler options

Again, depending on your product you may or may not need fillers to keep it safe during travel. If you do then consider seeking sustainable fillers! There are some super creative people out there who have made sustainable alternatives to polystyrene! Get creative and do some research! 

4. Use plant based inks

Traditional inks contain hazardous substances such as petroleum hydrocarbons. When these inks dry, it releases volatile organic compounds that cause air pollution. Seek a natural non toxic ink for your packaging so the whole unpacking experience is transparent!

I had a look into traditional plastic packaging vs sustainable packaging and while the costs of using sustainable alternatives may be a bit more than plastic, we as consumers get to vote with our dollar for the kind of world we want to live in, so lets vote to create more sustainable packaging solutions.

This can all feel overwhelming but take one step at a time, until your happy with your whole unboxing experience. Look at each stage of your current packaging and think about how you can use less fillers, and use more recycled materials.

Every little bit counts to live in a world of less waste and more mindfulness. 

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