When Your Dream Becomes Your Reality

Good morning beautiful community,

I've been very quiet on our blog the past few months but that's about to change. 

We have opened our VERY FIRST Saltysea flagship store here in our beach town of Waihi Beach, New Zealand. To say it's been an incredible and hard working journey is an absolute understatement, it still feels so surreal.

Under four months ago we did our first pop up store here in Waihi Beach, over Easter Weekend and it was such a success. The community loved it, we loved it and it made me so happy to meet so many beautiful people and collaborate with some beautiful brands. 

Since that weekend in April, I put it out there that I was ready to move forward, to potentially find my own space and open my first ever FLAGSHIP!

... Well it worked! Here we are, 'The Salty Collective' opened July 13th.

Before I say more about where we are now, I want to share how we got here as it's just as important to enjoy the journey and the process as physically reaching this goal. 

After Easter Weekend I was researching different spaces that could be potential options, I was attending a friends pilates classes out of her home every Wednesday night here in Waihi Beach and one day we got chatting about how I wanted to find a space, and how she wanted to find a space for her Reformer Pilates.. so we started to look together, with the understanding that if I found a space that only suited me, there would be no hard feelings and vise vers - if Jonti found a space that only worked for her Pilates then no hard feelings and she could jump on that. 

So we got to work, we met with agents, we met with owners of properties and even went door knocking on some places that we could envision had 'potential' of what we wanted to create. 

There was one spot in which I ALWAYS said (before even jumping into that first pop up store) that "If I were to ever have my own store here in Waihi Beach, this would be the one." And well I'm excited to say, the one I always dreamt of is the one we just opened.

This beautiful old white beach bach, on the main shopping street of Waihi Beach, but so unique.. it's set back off the road, and has it's own board walk... it was my dream spot and as of Saturday, July 13th we opened these very doors to you, our community. 

We signed the lease, and got to work.. and what a good feeling it was, opening these doors... after a month and a half of spending every evening and weekend renovating this space so that it would work for both myself, my business as well as Jonti, and her Reformer Pilates business. 

The space had a grunchy old garage attached to it in which the landlords had expressed they were planning on knocking down, we asked if we could keep it, invest in it and turn it into our Pilates studio.. the answer was yes and off we went. Luckily I am so grateful to have a hubby who is a local builder, as well as a brother in-law... so we put the boys to work and they renovated this garage.. insulated it, plyed the walls, installed two beautiful doors and took out the grunchy old tin doors.. the space now looks like a true beachy studio. 

Today we get to sit back and look at what was once an idea, then turned into an obsession of finding a space.... to now sitting here in my very own store... looking out to Waihi Beach SO incredibly grateful. I cannot believe how quickly this idea came to life, and I can sit back and say with 100% certainty, that if you want something, you believe you can have it, you believe you deserve it,  and you work your butt off, you WILL achieve it. It may take more time than you expected, or it may take less, but one things for sure.. you CAN have it, if you believe in your heart that you deserve it. 

The Salty Collective is not only the home of my baby, Saltysea and Jonti's baby, Beach Pilates.. but The Salty Collective is also a space that together we host workshops, events, yoga, guest speakers and truly ALL things positive and good.  Our shop/studio and collective saying is:

'A positive and creative space focused on uniting and supporting all things good.'

That's who we are, and that's what we want to achieve here. 

July 25th today, we have another couple months of winter to get our feet on the ground here, get our systems in place before what will be the most incredible, busy and beautiful summer here in Waihi Beach, New Zealand and here at The Salty Collective.

Our first workshop is happening tomorrow, Friday, July 26th from 5pm to 7pm and  will consist of meditation, relaxation and an essential oils workshop.. we cannot wait to host this first workshop, bringing a beautiful vision to life. 

If you are ever around the Bay of Plenty, New Zealand, be sure to stop into 10 Wilson Road, Waihi Beach! 

Here is a little look at our incredible opening day on July 13th 2019. 



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