As a brand that is deeply passionate about the difference we can make, it's our responsibility to design our collections and operate Saltysea sustainably. We believe human rights should be respected and all working conditions better than adequate. We believe in environmental sustainability and sustainable livelihoods. We believe that businesses should be beneficial to our planet and not detrimental. 

Every business created on this planet is contributing to the world in one way or another - whether that's big or small, positive or negative and we have a choice to build a better world. 

“In ten years, we won’t have to put the word ‘conscious’ in front of enterprise or say ‘conscious business’ or ‘conscious enterprise’ because in ten years almost all enterprises will be conscious and all entrepreneurs will be conscious ones. It’s just evolution” - Peta Kelly 


So how are we sustainable?

  • We develop all of our collections using sustainable fabrics focusing on durability, eco friendly and recycled materials

  • We only use biodegradable packaging when receiving and shipping our products

  • All of our business card material is being changed to t-shirt offcuts to reuse and recycle

  • We are committed to continuously learning about new fabrics and materials to constantly improve our collections 

  • We've integrated environmental, economic and social issues into the heart of our brand

  • We believe that environmental sustainability is a priority and we're on a mission to spread that message

  • We value our responsible partnerships with;

  • We are very excited to announce a new partnership and initiative very soon


We make a commitment to constantly educating ourselves on the sustainability of Saltysea by continuing to learn how we can minimise our environmental impact. 


The ethics and values we've set are the most powerful building blocks at Saltysea.