Hau'oli Body Oil

  • $32.00

If you've been into our Flagship store The Salty Collective in Waihi Beach, New Zealand, you'll have most likely had the opportunity to test this incredible body oil. 

Made locally out of all natural ingredients.

Hau'oli translates to 'Happiness' in Hawaiian. 

Hau'oli is a fragrance that works to nourish the skin as well as give off a divine fragrance that transports you to a Pacific Island laden with coconuts, pineapples, whit sandy beaches and blue lagoons.

Because it's fragrance is bound in plant based oil, free of water and alcohol which is traditionally the base eau de parfum, it absorbs beautifully into the skin and lasts a lot longer! 

The Hau'oli fragrance is also incorporated into Hau'oli's beautifully nourishing plant based body butter.